Table Rock Lodge

Welcome to Table Rock Lodge, an eco-friendly haven situated in the stunning region of Cayo. Set amidst nature's splendor, this lodge was previously powered by a smaller stand-alone off-grid solar system. This award winning lodge expanded over the years and along with it came an increased need for electricity. This project enhanced the guest experience, with improved comfort, reliable power supply, and a strong commitment to eco-friendly practices throughout the property. The goal was to minimize the use of generator hours, reducing noise and emissions and optimizing energy storage by exchanging the existing lead acid battery bank with durable and maintenance free lithium batteries.



96 x 370Wp




Panel Count


Where nature reigns, solar energy sustains

Don't think about it, just do it! The peace of mind that the system
offers you is great. – Carla Hayward, Table Rock Manager

To meet the growing demands of Table Rock Lodge and ensure sustainable operations, the outdated infrastructure has been replaced with a cutting-edge fully automated off-grid solar system. This advanced system features an impressive array of 96 solar panels, and a lithium battery bank big enough to allow for an average of 95% solar power and 5% generator. It even provides capacity for future expansion of operations.

As part of the project, the cabins have been retrofitted with regular household outlets, providing guests with convenient access to electricity. The kitchen and bar area have received updated cooling capacities, ensuring optimal temperature control for food storage and beverage preparation. As an added value for privacy seeking nature lovers the generator was relocated to a remote area of the lodge in order to eliminate noise pollution. This contributes to improved operational efficiency and enhanced guest satisfaction.