Solvei Beach House

Given that this beach villa has the name Solvei, which symbolizes the "Path of the Sun" in Danish, it's only fitting for this epitome of carefree luxury to embark on a solar-powered journey. The objective was to install an aesthetically pleasing solar system that complements the high-quality design of the house. This system aimed to achieve substantial savings in the power bill while requiring low maintenance. The solar system was to incorporate remote monitoring capabilities for real-time tracking and control.



21 x 370Wp




Panel Count


Luxury in harmony with the sun's radiant path

Solvei - knowing that every moment of luxury is
in harmony with the sun's radiant path.

The implementation of a grid-tied solar system featuring 21 symmetrically mounted solar panels made for a visually appealing installation that follows the natural lines of the roof. Remote monitoring capabilities showcase the substantial savings this grid-tie solution is able to provide on the property’s consistent base load. Guests can relish in the knowledge that the five luxurious bedrooms, expansive indoor and outdoor spaces, and unparalleled amenities are all powered by the sun’s abundant energy.