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As Belize's top solar provider, we combine the highest quality components with outstanding customer service.  
We are your partner in sustainability, innovation and social responsibility. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you harness the power of the sun and create a brighter future for all.

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We offer tailor-made solutions for optimal efficiency, ensuring they align seamlessly with your specific energy requirements.
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Every project reflects our commitment to the highest standards of excellence and durability.


Our collaborations with top solar manufacturers grant you access to cutting-edge solar technology.


Rely on our equipment and services; we promise superior quality and stand resolutely behind everything we deliver.
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From initial consultation to post-installation, we provide unwavering guidance and assistance.
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With 12+ years in the industry, you're leveraging profound knowledge, experience and expertise when you choose us.

Experience sustainable energy with our solar solutions

Grid-tie Solar Solution

Grid-Tie Solar

Our Grid-tie Solution connects directly to the electricity grid, generating clean energy while reducing your electricity bill. Designed for customers with high electricity demand during the day, this solution maximizes the use of solar power while maintaining a consistent connection to the grid.

Grid-Tie with Battery Back-up Solar Solution

Grid-Tie Solar with
Battery Back-up

With this solution you'll enjoy the benefits of clean energy even when the grid is down. It provides solar energy for your daytime needs and allows surplus energy to flow to the integrated batteries, providing peace of mind at night or during power outages.

Off-Grid Solar Solution

Off-Grid Solar

Off-grid Solar empowers you with self-sufficiency and independence. Discover the perfect solution for your remote cabin, communication site or island retreat. This system allows you to harness the power of the sun and store it in a battery bank, giving you the flexibility to use electricity whenever and  wherever you need it.

Over 250 solar systems installed

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Financing Solar System


You can buy the system or have it financed by DFC. You decide what works best for you.



Sit back and watch as your new solar array comes to life.

Solar Implementation
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"SESB has a very good reputation of doing the job properly and were prepared to work with us on interesting concepts that prioritized solar energy"

Mick Fleming

Founder, Chaa Creek Limited
Grid-tie Solar System

"Since our system was installed, our utility expense has decreased significantly, which has resulted in more flexibility in our cash flow than we would otherwise have. Businesses have the opportunity to utilize solar together with the existing grid, and I would encourage others to find out if they too can save by producing a portion of their own energy."

Norman Dueck

Managing Director, Universal Hardware
Grid-tie Solar System

"Our experience with SESB has been fantastic. They are great at keeping us informed about the condition of our system and they do very good work when service is required. We like the maintenance plan because we have experts keeping an eye on the system and we don't have to worry about it."


Cayo Residence
Off-grid Solar System

"SESB is the best in Belize. They will provide a cost effective solution to any challenge and will design a system that will meet your needs."

Zachary Foltz

Station Manager
Smithsonian Caribbean Coral Reef Ecosystems Program
Off-grid Solar System

"Our main branch recently switched to solar panel power, which we think is a really smart step forward for multiple reasons; the obvious one being that we donʼt have to pay so much for power, but also for the green effect on the environment. SESB made sure the installation was painless and professional."

Julian Thiessen

Marketing Director, Westrac Ltd
Grid-tie Solar System

"Hot Mama’s – Belize Ltd has been considering solar renewable energy for several years and is most thankful for the financial support received from the European Union and Caribbean Export Development Agency through its Direct Assistance Grants Program (DAGS). Being conscientious of the environment and reducing our carbon footprint was and is important. SESB made the entire installation process go seamlessly and seem so easy. Thank you!"

Wilana Oldham

Owner, Hot Mama's Belize
Grid-tie Solar System

"24 hour clean power for the whole place was something we have all dreamed of for years. I can recommend Silvan and Nadja at SESB whole heartedly. They are doing the maintenance on the Solar Array, the equipment and the generator and in addition they are monitoring the system 24/7 from Teakettle. Can't beat that."

Jim Bevis

Owner, Mountain Equestrian Trails
Off-grid Solar System

"SESB does excellent work! We (The Orange Gallery) were the first official grid-tied system in Belize. Our system was installed by SESB and we have been powering our operations with free energy from the Sun for a few years now. We love it and are happy to recommend SESB!"

Julian Sherrard

Owner, The Orange Gallery
Grid-tie Solar System

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