Grid-tie with Battery Back-up

Private Residence

The implementation of a solar system for this residential rental property was driven by multiple objectives. The primary focus was on achieving savings on power bills and reducing reliance on the grid. By harnessing solar energy, the property owners aimed to minimize expenses and promote sustainability. Another crucial goal was to provide a reliable electricity supply to ensure uninterrupted power for the comfort of the tenants. Through an automated design, the solar system guarantees a seamless and consistent energy flow, enhancing the overall living experience.

Grid-tie with Battery Back-up


18 x 450

Lithium Batteries



Panel Count


Goodbye to blackouts;
Hello to uninterrupted power supply

It was the right choice and time for us in our current situation to
fit our short and long term goals – Property Owner

In order to address the client’s requirements, a robust Grid-tie solar system with Battery Back-up was installed including 18 solar panels, a 7.6kW inverter and 4 lithium battery modules. This state-of-the-art installation ensures the lights and other selected appliances stay up and running even in times of blackouts or unstable grid conditions.