Discover our Grid-tie Solution, an advanced package that effortlessly links to the electricity grid, empowering you to generate clean energy and achieve substantial savings on your electricity bill. Tailored for customers with high daytime electricity demand, this solution optimizes solar power utilization while automatically tapping into the electricity grid during night-time and low solar energy periods.

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Grid-tie Solar Solution

Grid-TIe SoluTIons

All you need for this package is solar panels, inverters, and sophisticated monitoring equipment. This setup eliminates the need for a battery as energy is consumed in real-time without storage. Our Grid-tie Solutions are tailored to the regulatory environment in Belize. Currently, only grid-tie solar systems for self-consumption are feasible. Our zero grid feed kits guarantee that no electricity flows back to the grid, ensuring compliance and optimal energy utilization.

PV Size
> 3kWp
Inverter Size
> 3kW
Avg Performance
>12kWh/ day
> BZD 14,200
** rates do not include mileage
** rates are subject to change without notice


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We recognize the importance of personalized approaches when it comes to customized quotations. That's why we offer 24/7 load profile metering, allowing us to accurately determine your electricity consumption every minute of the day. With this detailed information, we can design a solution that perfectly aligns with your unique needs and energy requirements. You can have peace of mind knowing that the solution we provide is tailored specifically for you. Let’s assess together and discover the perfect solution to meet your energy needs.

Load Profile Metering
Cash Back upon Project Awarding
BZD 270 per week
Metering Charges will be credited to the customer upon purchase of a solar system from SESB.
** rates do not include mileage
** rates are subject to change without notice

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The systems presented are intended as examples to provide customer insights into estimated financial benefits and price ranges. While we design solar solutions to fit the specific needs of each customer, these sizes can serve as a basis for budgeting purposes.

Monthly Power Bill Before Solar
BZD 600.00
BZD 1,200.00
BZD 4,800.00
Monthly Power Bill After Solar
BZD 330.00
BZD 670.00
BZD 2,650.00
Esimated Monthly Savings
BZD 270.00
BZD 530.00
BZD 2,150.00
System Size
System Cost
BZD 17,940
BZD 32,229
BZD 124,376
Approximate ROI
5.5 yrs
5.1 yrs
4.8 yrs