Villa Tres Cocos

For this breath-taking and luxurious tourist accommodation, Villa Tres Cocos, it was of utmost importance that the system promotes eco-friendly practices while maintaining reliable and uninterrupted electricity for their international guests and staff. Considering the increase in and the unpredictable nature of power outages, we included a backup generator in the design of their grid-tie solar system. It seamlessly activates during power outages, providing reliable electricity 24/7.







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Where paradise meets solar splendor: experience sustainable bliss

By embracing solar power, Villa Tres Cocos demonstrates their
dedication to providing a sustainable and eco-friendly haven for
their esteemed guests, where they can enjoy both the beauty
of nature and the benefits of clean energy.

Our approach on this project was to install two SMA grid-tied solar systems - one for the main villa and one for the caretaker's residence. It was essential that the system included a zero grid feed configuration, allowing the villa to consume all the solar energy generated on-site, rather than feeding it back into the grid. To ensure seamless operation and minimal upkeep, it was crucial to incorporate a low-maintenance system with remote monitoring capabilities. This allows us to proactively address any maintenance or performance issues promptly, ensuring optimum efficiency and uninterrupted power supply.