Universal Hardware

Universal Hardware's primary objective was to reduce their reliance on grid electricity, which resulted in substantial cost savings by preventing increases in monthly power bills after the store had been retrofitted with air conditioning. The implementation of a grid-tie solar system with zero grid feed configuration, meaning all generated solar energy is consumed on-site rather than feeding back into the grid, lead to maximum savings possible. The system was designed with low maintenance requirements in mind, ensuring hassle-free operation and minimal upkeep. To further enhance system performance, we integrated remote monitoring capabilities, enabling real-time tracking of energy production and system health.



192x 370Wp




Panel Count


Universal Hardware sets an inspiring example for other businesses in the region,
showcasing the numerous advantages of embracing clean and renewable energy sources.

Lighting the way to savings with solar energy

With approximately 308 solar panels installed on their roof, Universal Hardware has significantly reduced their dependence on conventional electricity sources. This has resulted in impressive cost savings. The implementation of this solar system enabled Universal Hardware to enhance their customer shopping experience at a minimal operational expense.